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The Salts Play Area – Taking a positive step forward

Submitted on 23 March 2016 by Council Officers

Seaford Town Council is pleased to advise that the contractor responsible for the installation of the new play area at The Salts has made their first visit to start work on the outstanding repairs. Following a great deal of concern over the past 8 months, a positive step is now in store for The Salts Play Area.

After meetings and negotiations through winter the contractor who had failed to deliver the new Salts play space to the required quality is returning to commence rectification works. The works will address a range of identified rectifications, in order to complete the play space as originally intended.

The works are due to commence on Tuesday 29th March 2016 and continue for approximately 4 weeks; during this time sections of the play space will need to be closed off while the work is undertaken and some areas will need to remain fenced off to ensure that new turf or seed can establish. Some landscaped areas of the park are also in recovery after a very busy first season and a particularly wet winter.

Seaford Town Council apologises on behalf of the contractor for the disruption, especially during the Easter holidays, and visitors to the park are asked for their patience during this period, following a difficult phase of project work at The Salts.

Visitors are also asked to refrain from using any areas that are cordoned or fenced off; also to report any inappropriate behaviour or malicious damage as the success of the new works will require continued care from all visitors to The Salts.

Then further positive steps are being planned with a planting and seating project that will also receive funding, the contractor is helping to undertake early stages of the work and has supported the Town Council in adding some new features to improve on the play space even further.

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