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Beach Litter

Submitted on 19 July 2018 by STC Officers

With more residents and visitors enjoying the seafront during this wonderful weather it is vital that people take their rubbish home.  Crowds of visitor’s head for Seaford beach which is great news for the town, but extremely bad news regarding the amount of litter that is left behind.

Finish your day on the beach by bagging up your rubbish and ideally taking it home to be recycled. If necessary, use one of the seafront bins. If the bin is full please take it home with you as Seagulls tear open rubbish left near bins and create lots of litter.  If you’ve enjoyed a BBQ, please ensure that it is completely put out as there have been incidences of the emergency services being called to extinguish bin fires. Ideally take this home with you also, but do not leave it on the beach to be washed into the sea.

Recently one resident took several pictures of discarded barbeques on the beach and lots of litter. Seaford Town Council want to tackle litter problems that are causing complaints and concern and make the seafront better for us all to use and enjoy, please do all you can to help.



Frankie’s Kiosk still operates a 5 minute beach clean and will supply volunteers with litter pickers and a carrier bag if you want to help more.    

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