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1. AiRS Housing Needs Survey Report - Seaford 2016

2. AiRS Neighbourhood Plan Survey Report - August 2016

3. AECOM Seaford Vision Report - March 2018

4. Environment Group Local Green Spaces Report

5. AECOM​ Dane Valley Final Feasibility Report with appendices

6. Other Papers produced by Focus Groups during the Neighbourhood Planning Process

Each Focus Group followed a broadly similar pattern, that is:

  • Evidence Reports produced around 30th November 2016 which stated the issues that the Focus Group proposed studying.
  • Working Papers, generally produced in Spring/Summer 2017, giving the results of the further work done by the Focus Groups and making recommendations on proposed policies which were then fed into the draft Seaford Neighbourhood Plan which went through extensive consultation exercises.

These working papers are a snap shot in time and therefore there may be changes in later documents: the definitive views of the Steering Group are in the "Submission Documents" section of this website.

The following papers were produced by the Focus Groups:

(a) Local Economy and Facilities Focus Group

 (b) Transport and Travel Focus Group

 (c) Environment and Countryside Focus Group

  •  Evidence Report ( 30th November 2016: included as Part A of Working paper below)
  •  Working Paper (dated April 2017) Note: no recommendation were made on Local Green Spaces as, at that stage of the development of the Neighbourhood Plan, the detailed work of the Environmental and Countryside Focus Group was passed to the Housing Focus Group to be included in their study of all sites that were potential: green spaces, housing or commercial developments.
  • Local Green Spaces (LGS) - The Focus group produced a number of reports specifically on LGS as the Consultation process progressed (November/December 2016, October 2017, and September 2018). 8 sites were initially proposed for LGS designation, but following public consultation this was increased to 11 sites (for the first Regulation 14 consultation) and finally to 12 (for the 2nd Regulation 14 and Regulation 16 consultations). The LGS report covering 12 sites is available on this website (see Item 4 above)

 (d) Housing Focus Group



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